Precision Chamfering Burr Removal Machine

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Product details

Electrochemical processing of the reaction

(Steel in aqueous solution with NaCl)

First, the anode reaction

N Fe-2e Fe + 2

N Fe-3e Fe + 3

N 4OH - 4e O2 ↑ + 2H2O

N 2CL - 2e CL2 ↑

N Fe + 2 + 2 OH - Fe (OH) 2 ↓ (dark green floc)

The precipitate is 4Fe (OH) 2 + 2H2O + O2 4Fe (OH) 3 ↓

        (Yellowish brown precipitate)

Second, the cathode reaction (according to the possibility of)

N 2H + 2e H2 ↑

N Na ++ e Na ?.

N According to the basic principle of the electrode reaction, the particles with the most positive electrode potential will react first at the cathode. Therefore, only hydrogen is precipitated on the cathode, and sodium can not be precipitated.

During the electrochemical deburring process, the concentration of the electrochemical solution is gradually increased due to the decomposition and consumption of water, while the Cl- and Na + in the electrochemical solution only act as a conductor and are not consumed by themselves. Therefore, for NaCl electrolyte, Filtration clean, appropriate to add water, you can long-term use.

N Tool can also be used for a long time.

Second, the characteristics of electrochemical deburring

(1) Deburring range

  Electrochemical deburring for stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum products, titanium, copper, silver, gold, low carbon steel and other conductive material parts.

  Such as: all kinds of valve, piston, cylinder casting and other auto parts, electrical appliances, computers, LED products, electronic digital accessories,

  Precision molds and metal products industry.

(2) can be a simple operation to remove all kinds of complex shape of the workpiece surface. And does not affect the workpiece

(3) the surface quality is good

  N no deburring and cutting heat during deburring, low surface roughness (Ra1.25 ~ 0.2μm) and ± 0.1mm average deburring accuracy can be achieved. Electrochemical fine deburring of steel can reach ± 10 ~ 70μm.

  N suitable for removing deformable or thin-walled parts of the accuracy of burr.

(4) Deburring tool electrode in the course of no loss, long-term use.

N because the tool cathode material itself does not participate in the electrode reaction, the surface only produces hydrogen reaction, while the tool material is a good corrosion resistance of stainless steel or brass, etc., in addition to spark short circuit and other special circumstances, the tool cathode is basically no loss .

(5) electrochemical deburring high productivity

High production efficiency. Generally a workpiece of all glitches can in ten seconds within all removal clean, and easy to implementation more pieces parallel production,

N and the deburring productivity is not directly affected by the deburring quality of the system, generally suitable for high-volume parts of the deburring.

① Electrochemical deburring stability, does not affect the accuracy of the workpiece.

② tool electrode design, manufacture and correction is relatively simple and thus easy to mass production.

③ electrochemical processing equipment investment is low, small footprint.

④ electrochemical solution on the equipment, tooling does not corrode the role of electrochemical liquid environmental protection.

Third, the application of electrochemical deburring

1. Electrochemical deburring

   Machining deburring in the workload of large,

   Especially the removal of corner burrs, difficult.

   Electrochemical deburring can greatly improve work efficiency.

2. Deep-hole deburring

N deep deep hole smaller parts, with the traditional processing methods deburring simply can not be completed.

N electrochemical deep hole deburring system can effectively solve this problem.

3. Type hole deburring

   For some shape complex, small size of the square, hexagonal, oval, semicircular and other shapes of through-hole and not through holes, electrochemical deburring can be used 

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